Gerard Gibney Demonstration NetSuite Planning and Budgeting

Key Points

  • NetSuite Core vs NetSuite Planning and Budgeting
  • NetSuite Planning and Budgeting Overview
  • Demo
  • Current State vs Future State
  • NetSuite Planning and Budgeting Packages
  • Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Demo Transcript

Welcome everybody to today's demonstration of NetSuite Planning and Budgeting. My name is Gerard Gibney and I'm the founder of a an EPM Specialist company Redhill Business Analytics.

We're very happy today to be partnering with Ode Cloud. What we're going to be showing here is we're going to be going through the NetSuite Planning and Budgeting introduction and then a demonstration of the product. I said we our company specializes in implementing EPM Solutions which is enterprise performance management.  

The major pillar of that is planning and budgeting piece is the planning and budgeting piece so without further ado. I'm going to kind of step through a quick agenda of what of what we're going to go through today. First thing we're going to go through is going to go to NetSuite Core or the ERP versus NetSuite planning and budgeting.

So what's what's different or what do you get extra in   NetSuite planning and budgeting over the Core ERP.  Obviously the Core ERP does have a planning and budgeting component it's relatively simplistic, in how it works and what extra you get. So when would NetSuite planning budgeting be a good recommendation for your clients and the type of problems it can solve and then we're going to spend about just about five minutes going through an overview.

Quick overview not getting too detailed into it just kind of the different components that's in there and then we're going to get into the real meat of it which is the demo. I really want to step you guys through i want to show you guys. What the product looks like. How it's kind of structured how it relates to NetSuite. As well, really the emphasis being around everything in NetSuite planning budgeting is based off.  After segments it's a multi-dimensional database, so you know the charter accounts and all that side of things will kind of go through that as well. And all the different forms and reports that that you can produce at NetSuite planning budgeting.

Current state versus future state let's kind of just talk about typical use cases what our clients are coming from they're typically they're typically using excel for planning and budgeting. They're moving at the they've kind of outgrown the excel solution i want to move into a a systemized planning and budgeting solution and then we're going to quickly at the very very end look at our our planning and budgeting packages the standard packages that we implement as well that are available to our clients.

So what is really what additional stuff do you get one of the key things here that that you're able to do in in NetSuite planning and budgeting versus over next week core i think you're limited on the amount of budgets and forecasts you can have in in the NetSuite core ERP. I think you can have one or two i think officially it's actually only one but within NetSuite planning and budgeting you can have multiple budgets and multiple forecasts basically unlimited number of them so that type of the type of scenario would be where a client has you know they're working through their for example fiscal year 22 budget and they want to  create a number of different versions of it.  So you know they like kind of where they are they like what the numbers look like but they say oh can we make a copy that then make a copy that and then do variance analysis of those different versions that's very very easy to do in NetSuite planning and budgeting and advanced scenario modeling.


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