FDMEE (Data Management) in NetSuite Planning and Budgeting Cloud (PBCS/NSPB) gives companies the ability to load data and metadata from a user-friendly data management platform. The data load process is easy; however, one single error can cause the data load to fail. In this blog post, we'll show you steps to load data and how to resolve common data load errors should your data load fails.

Data load process in Data Management

1.  Access Data Management from the navigator.

2.  In the Tasks menu, click on Data Load Rule.

3.  Change the point of view of your rule by clicking on Location at the bottom of the Data Load Rule page.

4.  Make your selections for Location, Period, and Category. Click OK.

5.  Make sure the Location and Period have been selected correctly. Click Execute.

6.  In the Execute Rule window, make your selections:

  • Import from Source
  • Export to Target
  • Start and End Period. In this example, we will load only April data.
  • Import Mode: Replace
  • Export Mode: Set to Add Data because Saved Searches in NetSuite do not sum data intersections.

7.  Go to Process Details and verify that the data load completes successfully as seen by a green check mark.

Error Resolutions in Data Management

8.  If the data load fails, as seen by a red "x" symbol, click Show in Process Details to open the log file of the failed data load with Notepad++ or TextEdit.

9.  Click Ctrl-F to find the word "error" or "invalid". Keep searching until you reach the section of the log that is preceded by the following message or similar:

2020-06-18 17:38:35,432 INFO  [AIF]: Load data encountered the following errors:

The error message generally follows this syntax:

| Error # | Member with error | "Account","Entity","Version","Custom Dimension 1"," Custom Dimension 1"," Custom Dimension 2"," Custom Dimension 3","Scenario","Year","Period",Amount |

Example of a failed data load log file

Below are Essbase data load error codes and their meaning. The two common errors that you often come across are 3303 and 3335.

Error 3303: The member with error is missing in the database. Solution: the member will need to be added as a level-0 member of the primary hierarchy, in the corresponding dimension in PBCS.

Error 3335: Mapped target dimension member does not exists or the same member name exists in more than one dimension. Solution: check whether the mapping is defined properly: Target value mentioned in Mapping should exist in Target Application. Also, check that the same member name does not exists in more than one dimension.

10.  Once the error has been resolved, refresh the database, repeat the data load process (step 2-6) and verify that you get a clean data load (step 7).

In Conclusion

FDMEE (Data Management) in NetSuite Planning and Budgeting Cloud (PBCS/NSPB) data load and error resolution in data management can be resolved using our 10 steps.

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