EPMA to DRM Conversion

In this blog post, we'll share with you frequently asked questions about Oracle Data Relationship Manager (DRM) and step-by step process on how to migrate from Enterprise Performance Management Architect (EPMA) to DRM.

The newest Hyperion Planning version 11.2.x.x features direct integration with DRM, so that hierarchies can be managed and maintained directly through DRM.

EPMA is a module of Oracle Hyperion EPM Suite that is used to manage data and metadata for various application types between Essbase and Planning Applications.

Frequently asked questions

1. What do I need to upgrade to Hyperion Planning 11.2.x.x?
The most important aspect to consider is EPMA applications conversion. If you already have existing EPMA applications such as HFM, Planning, HPCM and Essbase, you need to convert them to classic applications first. EPMA can be replaced with DRM (free restricted license) or EDM (Cloud product).

2. Is converting existing EPMA to classic application a simple export and import process?                                                                                                   It depends. Planning application conversion can be straight forward like exporting EPMA application through LCM and importing artifacts into skeleton classic application. However, depending on the type of application and customization, there are several options to convert existing EPMA applications. Details of conversion by application type is topic for another blog post.

3. EPMA is going away. How do we maintain metadata?
DRM is a more powerful version of EPMA. Oracle is offering Oracle DRM for free of charge under a restricted use license to facilitate Oracle Hyperion EPM (on premises only) dimension maintenance to replace EPMA.

4. Is restricted licensing enough to replace EPMA?
Yes, it can hold all the EPMA dimensions. Only 5 admin users are allowed.

5. Can EPMA be migrated to DRM?
EPMA cannot be migrated to DRM directly. Since DRM is totally different technology from EPMA, Oracle provides you with the tool kit that facilitates the migration.

6. What if I already have EPMA and DRM?
If you have both EPMA and DRM on the older Hyperion Planning version (11.1.2.x), you need to convert existing EPMA application properties to classic application properties and rebuild exports and integrations to classic applications.

Migration steps from EPMA to DRM:

  1. Download EPMA File Generator Utility from Oracle e-delivery and install on your old EPM server.
  2. EPMA File Generator Utility will generate .ads file for each application with in EPMA.
  3. Download .ads file conversion utility from Oracle and modify .ads files generated in step 2, using this link: https://support.oracle.com/epmos/faces/PatchDetail?patchId=30695700).
  4. Install DRM and Import predefined EPMA templates from: C:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\products\DataRelationshipManagement\server\app-templates.
  5. Using predefined template, import the modified .ads created in step 3. Imports will create a version.
  6. Configure in external connection where you want to place your exports files and update exports with external connection.
  7. Run exports and import the exported files into target applications.
  8. For automating exports, use DRM batch client which comes with standard DRM installation.

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